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What is it?

Every month you get a new supply of supplements delivered to your door to keep you grinding and working at your goal. Free shipping stress-free and fixed payments. 

What's the benefit? 

You choose your bundle every month before we put in orders with the suppliers. This is from 3 different categories based on gym basics. You choose one from each section. 

Protein powder:

- Optimum nutrition 2lb 

- Ghost 2lb

- Muscle pharm 2lb


- Optimum Nutrition 30 servings 

- Healtheries 30 servings 


- Ghost 

- C4 

- Optimum nutrition 

- Muscle pharm 


The value: 


The fixed price will vary depending on what bundle you choose, it will roughly be around $110 NZD every month saving you at least $25 each time you order THAT'S $300 A YEAR!!!!! It's perfect for those who are new to the market or have been in the market for ages. VALUE IS VALUE and that's all we care about here at Motiv8.

You can change your GYM BASICS bundles each month before we order stock, so you can try a wide range of brands and products. Or keep your bundle and commit to a 3-month subscription saving you more money and an added discount. We also send you a little note on how much you saved on your order each month :) 

For more information you can contact Motiv8 @motiv8nz on Instagram 


via email 


How the Subscription works

You choose your bundle

You choose your bundle and flavor out of the options we have in stock. You can then decide to commit to a 2 Month Subscription or a 3 Month Subscription. With added discounts on each or just buy a one off bundle at the fixed price.

We pack

We pack your bundle and send it your way every month. To keep your stock filled up at home so you can work towards your goals, stress free.

We Deliver

We Deliver straight to your house, every single month at the exact same time. Free shipping on all orders and you can cancel anytime before your new order renews.

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